The Birch Factory organic birch water

Birch water (or birch sap) has been used as a revitalizing drink since the 16th century. In northern Europe, China and Japan, it is renowned for its beneficial effects on health (not only is it anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, it also drains, detoxes and restores skin radiance). Thanks to its naturally high content in micronutrients and electrolytes, birch water ensures exceptional isotonic balance. Birch water is sweetened due to natural content of xylitol.

To guarantee the quality of our birch water, we harvest our forest plot once a year, in the very first days of spring.

Birch water is the ideal rehydrating solution throughout the day, and particularly recommended after a sporting activity, or as a course of treatment aimed at detoxing the body.

Enjoy the birch Factory – organic birch water chilled & enjoy recycling

The Birch Factory

The birch water is sustainable harvested after the end of the deep freeze of winter and prior to the first leaves budding. During this time period, the water is loaded with all ingredients needed to reignite life. Only Nature can create an isotonic hydration drink that keeps intracellular and extracellular water contents in balance, which in return gives you the most energy, strength and health.

Organic birch water Cardboard

The LamiCan 250ml is ecological package because it is made from birch and pine wood and can be fully recyclable. What is more, Lamican packages support sustainably managed forests.

We are glad to offer you not only stylish and innovative packaging, but also environmentally friendly.





Carbonated 250ml is a new product in the assortment. Same delicious taste with a refreshingly edge. Same nutrients, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that gives you the most energy, strength and health. Low on calories.




Birch Tonic Water

A new fresh tonic water is under it’s way! Stay tuned..



27 kcal/bottle

Serve ice cold. It's delicious!